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Thursday, January 1, 2009


I have learned a little about Hawaiian culture with these cakes. This bride and groom decided to stick to tradition and have a cake made for some of the family members in the wedding party. The theme of the wedding was vintage so with a few internet searches and help from the bride we came up with some simplified versions of vintage fabrics she liked. I ended up having so much fun with these cakes! I claimed favorites, but I think that title goes to the bottom cake for now! I was so excited to see how they all turned out and I hope that the bride and groom were too! Wish I could have been there! Thanks so much! Good luck and congrats! (PS I will NEVER profess to be any kind of photographer....hence the fuzziness and generic background... :o) )

-75 servings


Anonymous said...

Ash! I'm sorry it took me so long to thank you. But you know just getting unpacked and everything. The. Ames were amazing!!! And I'm not just saying that because your my cousin! I seriousley couldn't have asked for a more perfect cakes (cakes) everyone was so impressed! What I'm trying to say is thank you thank you!

Big Daddy and Hot Momma said...


Terri's cakes were unbelievable! Not only were they beautiful, but they tasted awesome! I think Halie and I ate most of the german chocolate one! :)

Ashley's Cakes by Design said...

You guys are both too sweet! I always wonder what they taste like...I am so sad I wasn't there that day, but I heard it was amazing! :o) Thanks so much for the compliments!

ashley said...

Ash.......WOW!!! I can't believe that you make these. You must have such a steady hand, not to mention a great eye.

Brooke Carroll said...

You are so stinkin' talented. Those are some amazing cakes! I wish you could have made one for me for my wedding! ;) They are truly spectacular. Keep it up, sista!