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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lightning McQueen

I have been wanting to do a cake like this for awhile now! It was so much fun, I think because my little girl enjoyed it so much with me. The car, Guido, and tool box are all bought, the rest of the cake is fondant...even the Cozy Cone! That's my favorite part! Anyway, thanks for the opportunity! Hope it was wonderful!

-20 servings

Monday, January 26, 2009

Spring Yet?!

I think this cake was designed in hopes for spring...don't hold your breath. If you are from around here at all you'll know it's a long ways away. :o) Hope it was great!

-20 servings

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Like so many brides, this one wanted classy and simple. She chose the same style as the Cassie cake but changing the yellow to red to match her own wedding colors. Best of luck to the newly weds, the groom is a very lucky guy! Thanks! Good luck!

-15 servings


I have learned a little about Hawaiian culture with these cakes. This bride and groom decided to stick to tradition and have a cake made for some of the family members in the wedding party. The theme of the wedding was vintage so with a few internet searches and help from the bride we came up with some simplified versions of vintage fabrics she liked. I ended up having so much fun with these cakes! I claimed favorites, but I think that title goes to the bottom cake for now! I was so excited to see how they all turned out and I hope that the bride and groom were too! Wish I could have been there! Thanks so much! Good luck and congrats! (PS I will NEVER profess to be any kind of photographer....hence the fuzziness and generic background... :o) )

-75 servings