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Sunday, January 30, 2011


This birthday boy loves everything about trains!  His Grandma thought it would be cute to have him as a conductor along with the rice krispie train.  I think it turned out so cute.  Happy Birthday T!
-16 servings


This is for a dancer, but NOT a girly girl. :)  She loves to dance but also enjoys sports and fashion.  The dancers are all hand cut sillouettes and if you can tell, one is holding a basket ball to represent her sporty side.  The shoes on top are rice krispies.  They were so much fun to do.  Lots of fun elements on this cake!  Happy Birthday to a very well rounded girl!
-20 servings

Boise State

Around here you can't go wrong with a Boise State cake can you?  This was for a fan's birthday.  Logo's are getting to be quite fun to do; tons of work but I love seeing them finished!  Happy Birthday!
-16 servings

Ashley S

The bride and groom that designed this cake were so much fun!  They had a few things in mind, but mostly they wanted a unique cake.  I think they got it.  I loved every part of it!  They had such fun colors to work with.  I hope they were as happy with the end product as I was.  Best of luck to a couple completely made for each other!
-12 servings


This was a grooms cake, designed by the groom himself.  I was so excited when it was finished.  I should have gotten a closer picture of the Indian, but oh well.  I was so happy with it!  Congrats to a very lucky groom!!
-12 servings

Saturday, January 29, 2011


This is a remix of a FOX cake I have done before.  The birthday wanted to change the colors to black and pink.  It is always fun to do the same designs again and use new techniques.  Happy Birthday K!
-26 servings

Mickey Mouse Self Portrait

This might be my new favorite cake!  It was done for a family who loves Mickey Mouse, and celebrates his birthday every year.  The top picture is of the figurine "Mickey's Self Portrait" that they wanted replicated.  I was pretty nervous, I will be honest.  I love how it turned out though!  Every thing is edible except the easle, chair, and mirror. 
-12 servings


This was such a fun challenge.  It was done for the Chief of Police here in Rexburg for his birthday.  The blue at the base is frosting to look like water.  The chairs are made from rice krispies.  The tower was a little tricky, I ended up covering straws and dowels in fondant to get the right look.  Happy Birthday!!
-35 servings

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Connor Barbarian

This cake was SO much fun to do!  The parents of the birthday boy wanted something fun and barbarian themed.  Immediately I thought of the helmet with the horns, and we went from there with the design.  The towers adn helmet are made from rice krispies, the barbarians are fondant.  So, so much fun.  Happy Birthday C!

-25 servings + smash

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kay Bear Cowboy

 This cake is for our family's favorite cowboy.  He actually got to spend his birthday out of the hills, which is a big deal!  So of course a cake had to be made!  I couldn't think of anything more fitting than to create a camp scene for him.  It was a last minute cake, so I got to use random candy we had around the house to help with the scene.  It was fun, my kids helped and we had a blast.  Happiest Birthday to Kay Bear!

-12 servings


This cake was my attempt at leopard print fondant.  I am sure if I had rolled all colors together instead of layering them it would have turned out quite a bit different, but I still think it is cute.  I hope Mom and the Birthday Girl were happy with it. 

-20 servings + smash cake


This birthday boy has two loves, I was told, football and his dogs.  It was a little tricky to decide how a theme would be chosen, then we decided, why not put it all on there?! :)  It was a fun one to do, and good practice to do a real dog, not just a cartoonish one.  Happy Birthday!!

-12 servings