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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Happy 50th Anniversary!  Lots to learn from couples like these!  Congrats!

-20 servings

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Doc McStuffins

My girls get so excited when I get orders like this...they are also a huge help when it comes down to final details.

-27 servings

Forrest Fire Lego

Hope this birthday boy had an amazing day!

-20 servings

Nikon Camera

It's always fun to try and recreate something so iconic...II got to try a lot of new things with this cake.  The lens is also cake.

-15 servings


Why choose one hero when you can have them all?!  I hope this birthday boy had a great day!

-20 servings + smash + 1 free smash

Lucky Bear

I love the Care Bear's...this was kind of a throw back cake for me.  Everything is edible.  Hope the birthday girl had a fun day!

-20 servings + smash

My Little Pony

We tried to include all the birthday girls favorite ponies and colors with this cake.  Hope she loved it! :)

-30 servings


Happy Birthday to a fisher husband...hope he thanked his wife extra for her thoughtfulness!

-16 servings

Little Boys and Cupcakes

 I think this is such a cute idea with the cupcakes...they are rice krispies...they add such a cute touch though.  Happy birthday little guy!

-20 servings + smash

Arizona Bound Missionary

This was for a neighbor...wishing him the best of luck! 

-40 servings

Sister Missionary

 This was a last minute order for a fun good luck party for a sister missionary.  Best of luck to her!

-36 servings


This was a fun way to do a Lego cake...bigger is better right? :)  Happy birthday G!

-20 servings


You can't go wrong with My Little Pony!  Happy Birthday K!

-20 servings

Addi - Where's My Water?

I LOVED this cake!  It always make me a little nervous to start a cake that has such well known characters...but it's a fun challenge.
-8 servings

Red Sox

In a home where we cheer for the Orioles, this was kind of a hard cake to make ;)...Kidding, baseball is amazing no matter who you're cheering for! 

-18 servings


Happy birthday to a classy birthday girl! :) 

-16 servings


For this birthday we tried to keep it simple but also include some of the birthday girls favorites.  Hope her day was great!

-20 servings

Team Umizoomi

 Happy birthday to an Umi birthday boy!  The car is rice krispies and the characters are fondant.

-16 servings.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Golden Glow

Here's another airbrushed beauty.  Fresh flowers finished it off perfectly!

-20 servings

Apsyn & Lexie

Happy Birthday to two talented girls!!
-45 servings


Happy Birthday to a super cool cousin!

-8 servings

#1 Boy

Happy 1st, they are the best aren't they? 
-12 servings + smash cake

Green Bay Packers

This groom got an extra surprise!  This one was fun to walk in with!  Congrats to the newly weds!

-20 servings


You can't go wrong with a princess cake!  Happy 4th to a little Cinderella!

-20 servings

Dad's Favorites

This cake was designed by daughters for their Dad.  I hope he had a wonderful day!

-20 servings


Black and pink with a little glam!  Happy birthday Q!

-12 servings


Happy birthday to a history buff!

-30 servings

Silver and Diamonds

I loved this cake!  The picture doesn't show it very well but the silver is very shimmery and was airbrushed.  Lots of fun to do! 

-35 servings

Welcome Home

This was done to welcome home a senior missionary couple.  We tried to personalize it as much as possible.  Welcome home!!
-12 servings