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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ground Hog's Day

This cake was for a family who has been planning for this day all year long.  They have a huge family party with fireworks and everything! :)  The theme this year was "Leave your crappy attitudes at home." :)  So what better way to capture that than with a toilet?! :)

-30 servings


I think this is the cutest design.  "Mom" had found a cute monkey cake and we put a girly spin on it.  Happy Birthday A!

-12 servings

Hello Kitty

This one scared me a little bit...having the kitty heads made of cake instead of rice krispies.  It is fun to be challenged, and to have the client be so happy with the end result.  Happy Birthday N!

-38 servings + smash cake


This cake is for one of the most amazing little girls ever!  I hope her first birthday was a great one!!  Many more to come!

-20 servings + smash cake


You can't go wrong with zebra stripes and bright colors!  Happy Birthday K!!

-20 servings


I was given colors only on this cake...and was excited to see the design come together.  It was made for a super creative client, seeing the smile on her face makes all the work worth it!

-30 servings

Ruffles and Polka Dots

I am loving all the styles of ruffles coming out lately!  Thanks to many creative clients I'm getting to practice lots! :)

-20 servings

Finding Nemo

I have been waiting a long time to do a Nemo cake!  I was so excited.  So thrilled with how it turned out!  Happy Birthday A!

-8 servings

Football Fans

Football lovers beware. :)  Happy birthday to a New York fan!
-20 servings