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Friday, December 17, 2010

YW Wedding

This cake was actually done as a mock wedding cake, but for an event that was centered around marriage. The colors and tier sizes were the only thing given to me, so it was fun to do a few new things. In the end simple and elegant seemed fitting for the occasion.
-72 servings

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tinkerbell House

I was so excited to do this cake!! My kids and I watched Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue, a dozen times of course, and I thought it would be so much fun to do a cake like her "oatmeal box house"........and got a call a few days later! :) Ice cream cones, fondant, and chocolate were used to finish the details. I hope the birthday girl loved it as much as I did! Happy Birthday T!
-18 servings


This cake was so much fun to do! It was made in memory of a sweet girl, who's family misses her more than anyone knows. She loved lime green and black and loved the spade symbol. She was so talented and so loved. What a lucky family and lucky girl to have each other. :) may notice the title is different than the name on the cake......OOPS, but it was caught and changed out before sorry for the mistake!
-25 servings

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I think this might be my most popular birthday cake for a girl. No matter the age, zebra print with any color is so much fun! Happy Birthday C!
-20 servings


This camping cake was for an outdoor lover. All the additions on top are made from fondant. Happy birthday!!
-12 servings

Double Zebra Birthday

These cakes were for a family celebrating two birthdays. The smash cake was for a cutie turning one. I hope it was a wonderful weekend for both the birthday girls! Happy birthday!!
-20 servings + smash cake

Mardi Gras

This cake was made for an engagement party for a couple getting married in New Orleans. Since the couple has history there a Mardi Gras theme was chosen for the cake. The necklaces are real, but the masks and ring on top are made from fondant. I had so much fun doing this cake! I hope the couple was happy and had a wonderful wedding! Congrats!
-38 servings

Planning and Zoning Award

This cake was done for a Rexburg City employee who won a planning and zoning award. It was so much fun to draw up the city maps that he won the award for. The "table top" is cardboard covered in fondant, but everything else on the cake is made from fondant.
-25 servings


As you can tell, the truck ended up being a little bigger than the cake. :) The entire truck is made from rice krispies, the moose is made of fondant. It was kind of a last minute cake, but I think it turned out pretty cute! Happy Birthday D!
-20 servings

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby Boy Brown and Blue

This was a baby shower cake, for a boy. Mom wanted something cute and modern. She chose the colors and lef the rest up to me. I hope she loved it. Thanks for thinking of me on your day!!
-20 servings


This cake had a sort of Princess and the Frog theme. Mom chose the colors and we added some princess touches. I hope the birthday girl was happy. Such a cutie!! Thanks!!
-20 servings


A very thoughtful husband ordered his cake for his wife....but told me I could do whatever I wanted. :) I wanted to make it a little more elegant so I added some flourishes. I love, love pink and black together....and was pleased with how this one turned out. Happy Birthday to my biggest fan! :)
-20 servings

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Star Wars

I've had a few clients ask for Star Wars cakes, but change their mind. So it was fun to finally do one. Not too much detail, but I love how it turned out! The figures were provided by Mom and Dad, and added a ton to the cake. Hope your birthday was amazing!
-37 servings


I thought this cake was so much fun to do. The Mom of the birthday girl brought by a lot of "bling" to add to it. So we glammed it up as much as we could. Fun to try and add new things! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day!!

-20 servings

Mario Brothers - Anna

This cake is definitely a favorite for boys! I love doing it though, because I have one of my own that really loves seeing Mario and Luigi come to life. Thanks for letting me practice more! Hope your birthday was great!!

-20 servings


The theme for this wedding was country to the hilt. So cute, with denim, eyelet lace, daisies, and other country additions. The bride wanted the cake to be simple and elegant. We decided to do an eyelet lace design on the tiers. I hope she loved it. It was a fun, new technique that I hope to use a lot. Congrats to a super cute couple!
-30 servings

Saturday, November 20, 2010


The couple that belong to this cake have to be the cutest thing. They new exactly what they wanted. Right down to their self ordered black rhinestones, which added so much to the cake! They were so much fun to meet and design with! Best of luck to you!!!
-15 servings


Sweet and simple was the theme for this wedding....again pink and brown....told ya! :) The bride didn't want cake to save, just to feed guests. So the two tiers are real on top of the stand as well as the groom's cake to the side. The figures on top are made from fondant. The candy however is real, can't recreate M&M's and liccorice. :) Congrats!!
-77 servings

Farming Groom's Cake

Oops, this groom's cake goes along with the wedding cake for Holly. The bride's Mom and I made a few last minute decisions and added the cows on it.....which I thought were so stinking cute! I just love the way it turned out! :) Best of luck to the bride and groom!!
-25 servings


This cake turned out so grand looking. I should have taken pictures of the reception to give the full effect. Just gorgeous!! Pink and brown were the colors for this weekend! Congrats to a very cute couple!!

-12 servings

Linzy is 18!?!

It is so much fun to get return clients!! I can't believe this girl is 18! Life flies by way too fast. I hope she loves every minute of it! :) Happy Birthday to an amazing gal!! I love your guts, and YOUR MOM! :)
-25 servings


I hadn't done an hexagon cake before this one. I absolutely love the designs along with the dimensions! Very classy colors; red, black, silver, and white. I am also positive this was the most beautiful reception I've ever seen....false ceiling, lights everywhere.....simply gorgeous! Congrats to the newly weds!!
-12 servings

Sunday, October 17, 2010


This cake was made for a Raiders fan as a surprise from his wife. We weren't sure what it was going to look like till it was done, but I am happy with the way it turned out. In his hand there is a remote of course and a Rock Star. The chair is made from rice krispie treats. Happy Birthday R!

-20 servings

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Farm Yard

I was so excited to start this cake. I love barns....weird I know. :) But I was so excited to make one out of cake!! The barn and grass covered portions are all cake. The figures are made from fondant and rice krispies. I was so happy with the way it turned out! I hope the party was great! Happy Birthday to a wonderful guy!

-50 servings


If it weren't for my sister I wouldn't even have pictures of this one. Thanks N!! My cousin was the photographer though, so better pics coming soon. I loved this cake!! It is the largest cake I've done to date for a wedding. The bride is also my cousin, so it was fun to plan it out with her. I am so happy for her and her new hubby! Congrats and I love you both!
-135 servings