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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Just can't say enough about this bride and groom!  They just don't come much better! :)  When we put the design for this cake together I think we were all holding our breath for the final result, but I LOVE how it turned out!!  Congrats to the newly weds!!

-35 servings

B & B

These cakse were made by my cute 5 year old twins. :)  Rather than make their cake for them they make their own, and it seems to be a fun memory for them.  THey did such a good job I just had to share!  Happy Birthday to my babies!!


This cake introduced me to The Avengers.  A huge thank you to the birthday boy! :)  It was fun to put all the characters together in this fun cake!  Happy Birthday Carter!

-20 servings

Love and Snowflakes

I am totally in love with this wedding cake!  The frosted pine cones and snowflakes finished this cake off so well!  So happy for the newly weds!  Best of luck!

-15 servings


This year the birthday girl was very into peace and love. :)  I think the design turned out really fun.  Happy Birthday M!

-8 servings


I was given a color scheme to decorate this one.  I hope the birthday girl loved it. :)  Happy Birthday T!!

-20 servings

Baptism Scriptures

This was a fun twist to a baptism cake.  I hope the lucky guy had a great day surrounded by family and friends. 

-24 servings

Monday, February 4, 2013


Happy Birthday B!!  We put together some fun colors to make this one special!

-20 servings

Birthday Minion

Loved doing this cake!  Happy birthday to a minion fan!

-16 servings


This was for a 50th birthday.  It was fun to create a design that would flatter the birthday girl!  Hope the day was amazing!

-55 servings


Happy Birthday to a Geology college student!  I hope his birthday was a great one!

-12 servings

Mickey Mouse

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!! :)  What a fun tradition to be able to help such an awesome family with!

-12 servings

Elegant Topsy Turvy

I think that throwing some damask patterns on a topsy turvy is such a fun way to dress up a fun style of cake!

-38 servings

Angry Birds

Does it get any better than angry birds??  :) This is a fun design to do!

-12 servings

Fat Cat's

I have so much fun with logo's and trying to make cakes fun.  I hope this birthday was a great one!  Happy Birthday!!

-12 servings


Happy birthday to a true little Idaho boy!  Hope your day was amazing!

-25 servings


This was my year of favorite brides! :)  This couple wanted a cake that showed their fun personalities!  I hope they were happy with the way it turned out!!  Best of luck to a super sweet couple!

-36 servings

Sweet 16

I LOVE this cake!!  It's so fun to be sent multiple ideas and be able to put them together.  Happy Birthday to a sweet 16 year old!!

-20 servings

New York Styled Photoshoot

This cake was done for a photo shoot put together by Jaime Garrett.  She did an amazing job with the whole set, it was gorgeous!  Thanks so much for having me help out!! :)


This cake was done for one of my most favorite girls ever!  She is just amazing!  Being a small part of her wedding was such an honor.  Just love this couple!!  Best of luck to you!!!

-24 servings