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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Case Tractor

Happy Birthday to another tractor lover.  I was told this birthday guy collects Case tractors.  It's always a little intimidating making a cake for someone who knows everything about the object!  I hope it was a great day!

-40 servings


For this cake I was given a magazine picture of the theme for the party.  Mom told me to go from there and do what I wanted.  The beehive wasn't on the plates, but I thought it would be cute and go well with the theme.  I hope the day was wonderful!!

-22 servings


I love the colors on this cake, again the camera doesn't do them justice.  I was a little afraid about the different designs agreed upon, but when it was all finished I was so happy!  The reception was beyond gorgeous.  Congrats to the new couple!

-12 servings


I rarely get to see the bride and groom at delivery, but I caught them in the picture in this one!  What a beautiful reception!!  This cake is all real cake with fondant chocolate bows and edible pearls on it.  I hope the bride and groom were happy.  Best of luck to you both!!

-135 servings


This cake is for a good friend of mine who has made it through some incredible obstacles in her life already.  She probably doesn't know how much she is loved!!  Good job girl, keep it up!!

-38 servings


This cake was a surprise from a Mom on the East coast to her daughter here in the West. :)  It was fun to see the surprise on her face when it was delivered.  I hope the rest of her day was wonderful as well.

-20 servings


This cake turned out so elegant.  I need a better camera for sure to catch the color just right.  But I was so happy with how it turned out.  Congratulations to the happy newly weds!!

-70 servings

Miss RUBY Sue

Miss Ruby Sue is a business found right here in Rexburg that is known world wide!  She has amazing designs that have made it to magazines and TV!  I was honored to do this cake for her business celebration.  It is actually a foam cake, so it could be saved.  The top hat on the top is made from rice krispies though to get the right shape.  I had the privilege of picking some tulle and feathers from her own work room to incorporate with the fondant ribbon roses.  SO much fun!!  Congrats to a thriving business!!

BYU-I Graduation

Congrats to another graduate!!  BYU-I was a lucky campus to have such good students this semester!  Best of luck to you A!

-12 servings

Ashely Graduation

Graduation is an amazing accomplishment, especially when a husband and wife are both graduating together!  This cake was ordered by the wife to surprise her husband.  She wanted a few fondant things to represent some of their big moments here at BYU-I.  One more surprise is the baby in her arms....her family didn't know they were expecting, so we added the baby as her way of announcment.  Cute huh?! :)  Congrats to them both!!

-20 servings


This is my FAVORITE birthday cake I've done in a long time!!  The colors turned out so great, and the fondant figures were so much fun to do!  The fondant toys were made to represent his favorite toys he plays with.  Happy Birthday to an adorable little boy!

-20 servings + smash cake


This birthday boy LOVES beyblades.  I am just learning about these so it was fun to try some new things.  I had a lot of help from my son!  Happy Birthday T!

-25 servings

Daddy's Little Girl

This cake was made for a Dad coming home on leave to celebrate his daughter's and his own birthday.  It was such a fun thing to make this for this family.  I admire them so much for their sacrifice they are all giving.  I hope their time together was wonderful.

-49 servings

Nana Purse

Nana's are the best right?  This Nana got a fun purse for her birthday as a surprise.  It's fun to try new things with the purses I do.  I hope the day was great!

-10 servings

Friday, May 6, 2011


This birthday girl was having a dress up, nail doing, necklace making party!  So here is the cake to go with it!  Happy Birthday K!

-20 servings


This return client ordered herself another barbie cake this year. :)  We changed the dress a little, added a personalized crown and wished her the best birthday ever!

-10 servings


I don't think that zebra will ever go out of style.  I love these cakes.  Happy Birthday Z!

-20 servings + smash


An incredible cake decorator recently did a graffiti cake and ever since I've been dying to try.  I was SO happy with how it turned out.  These designs just keep getting more and more fun!

-20 servings


This cake belongs to the twin to the cake below.  Kamri and Koby, too cute.  Plus I am a sucker for twins, I have my own crazy set.  I love baseball, so I was excited to do this design again.  I hope each cake made the day special for them both!

-16 servings