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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tiffany B

This cake is the biggest "all cake" I've done so far.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  The bride chose beautiful designs to have me paint on it, I had a lot of fun.  I hope she was happy with it too.  Best of luck to the newly weds!!

-208 servings


This birthday girl got surprised with the colors and design on her cake and cupcakes.  Mom told me to just go with it.  I hope she was happy with the end result.  Happy Birthday M!

-8 servings + 8 cupcakes


This one was for my it had to be the best of course!  The tower is made completely of rice krispies, decorated with fondant.  Lexi got to help quite a bit with it, we had so much fun.  She is quite the decorator herself!!  Be prepared to see her work in a few years.  Love you Alexis, more than you'll ever know!!!  Happy Birthday!

-30 servings

Melissa P

This was a fun cake to do.  The bride wanted personal cakes for her wedding.  I love how they turned out.  We added some real ribbon around the little cakes to match the main cake for the bride and groom.  Best of luck to the newly weds!!!


This cake was simple and elegant, I am assuming just like the bride.  I never did meet her face to face, but she is a sweet girl I can tell.  Congrats to the happy couple!!!

-64 servings

Polka Dots

This cake was designed around a birthday invitation with polka dots everywhere!  After Mom chose what colors she wanted where, we started dotting!  I hope everyone loved it!  Happy Birthday!!

-30 servings


Happy Birthday to a super cute Thomas the Train fan!  This design has been so fun to do, add and change a little each time.  I hope the day was wonderful!

-20 servings

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Golden Anniversary

This cake was made for a couple who were celebrating their 50th Anniversary.  Their daughter ordered it with the hope it would be classy and simple.  I hope she was happy with it.  Congrats to a couple I will probably never meet, but admire a lot!! 

-55 servings

Retirement Cakes

All these cakes were done for teachers in my hometown for their retirement.  Some of them were even my personal teachers!  It was fun to be able to pay them back in my own way for all they did for me!  Happy Relaxing to you all!!!

-12 servings each cake


Cute and simple.  This was another birthday girl who chose the colors and design for her cake.  Happy birthday M!

-25 servings


It doesn't matter how young they are, when birthday boy (or girl) has an idea for their cake, they stick to it.  This little guy was set on a combine cake.  Hopefully he was pleased with it!  A side cake was also added for guests.  Happy birthday Jakey!

-35 servings


This birthday boy had many, many hobbies.  It was hard to decide which ones to incorporate and how to do it.  Hopefully he was happy with the final result.  It was fun to try a few new things on this one.  Happy birthday C!

-20 servings


This bride was easy to please and knew exactly what she wanted.  Her colors were silver and pink, so we tied them in as much as we could on the cake.  I love how it turned out, and especially love the table setting.  Congrats to the newly weds!!!

-12 servings