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Saturday, March 19, 2011

John Deere

This is a groom's cake done for a bride and groom who's parents are equipment competetors.  It was a fun one to do.  The bailer was quite a bit harder than I had planned, but I like the way it turned out.  Congrats to a beautiful couple, good luck!


Black and pink are such fun colors to work with.  I also love this cake design.  This was ordered by a daughter for her Mom's birthday.  Hope the day was amazing!!  Happy Birthday!
-40 servings


I am so in love with this cake!  Love the hexagon shape!!  It was very simple but very elegant.  Quilting and edible beads were added to create texture on the tiers.  I think the monogram finished the cake completely.  The bride also ordered mini cupcakes shown in the bottom picture.  Congrats, best of luck to the cute couple!


My cute cousin is a very talented gal who loves many sports.  Her Mom decided she wanted to try and include softball and basketball on this cake. The net was a little tricky, but all of the fondant additions were so fun to do.  Happy Birthday Taylor!!
-20 servings

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I was so excited and nervous to start this cake.  The snowflakes are all made from royal icing, which I have tried in the past and it didn't quite work out.  I was so happy when all the snowflakes made it safely to the reception!  I love just about everything about this cake!  The colors were so fun for a winter wedding and the reception was gorgeous!!  Congrats to a very cute couple!!
-12 servings 


This was done for a smash cake photo shoot.  I had fun replicating some Christmas candy's and the gingerbread people.  The gingerbread house is made out of  rice krispies.  Love, love, love the way it turned out!!  Happy Birthday to a cute little guy!
-16 servings

Buccaneers Baby!!

This was a surprise cake for my hubby who is the biggest Buccs fan I know.  His birthday is right before the twins so I don't think he was expecting it at all.  It was fun to do some more logo's.  Happy Birthday to the best guy ever!!  Love you so much!!
-8 servings


Here is the cake for my twin son.  This design was down to the last day as far as figuring out what he wanted!  Finally he chose a tractor cake, but had to have a cow on there with it!  Such a funny little man, love him so much!!  Happy Birthday Baden!!
-8 servings


This was my twin daughter's cake.  She is absolutely in LOVE with Tinkerbell right now.  It was so much fun to do the cake with her, then surprise her with the final product that had Tink on it.  Love you so much Brooke!!  Can't believe you are 3!!
-8 servings


This was such a fun birthday cake.  This husband had a lot of hobbies, talents, and likes.  His wife decided to go with a fun cake that showcased his love for the dogs they have.  The dog house is also cake.  Happy Birthday T!
-16 servings

Friday, March 4, 2011


This cake was done for a girl turning 8.  She loves snowboarding and volleyball, so we tried to incorporate those into her cake.  I had a lot of fun carving the hill shape on this one.  It's always fun to switch it up a little.  Happy 8th Birthday!

-20 servings


In my house, Toy Story is just about the coolest thing lately.  This birthday girl also thought so.  She wanted a Jesse themed cake.  All the details are done in fondant, even the hat!  It was a fun one to try some new techniques on!  Happy Birthday Tacy!!

-20 servings

Chief Archibald

A few months ago, the Chief of Police here in Rexburg retired.  I was asked to do a cake for his retirement party.  The FBI signia and the Chief's badge were chosen as the main part of the cakes.  They are both made completely from fondant.  The navy blue around the base of each cake is also fondant.  It was a great moment to finish and present these cakes.  I am so happy with the way they turned out!!  Best of luck to an amazing Chief!!

-34 servings