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Sunday, August 7, 2011


Happy Late Birthday to a frequent flyer!  This is a late posting, but I hope your day was wonderful either way!

-20 servings


Here's another older set of photos.....Happy Birthday to a famous guy! :)

-55 servings


This is an old cake that I just found on a sorry to the Mom to was a fun one to do!  Lots of fun designs and new ideas.  I am sure the baby is here by now, hope all are well! :)

-30 servings


This is one camo loving bride and groom. :)  They wanted a fall theme with a hunting couple on top.  Love the way it turned it out.  Congrats to the newly weds!!

-20 servings


Happy 18th to my little brother!  Makes me feel so old! :)  Sure love you Mikey Tanner!!  Hope your day was wonderful!

-20 servings


This birthday boy LOVES Pocoyo, so of course he needed to have a cake to match!  All the fun characters had to be included too.  Happy Happy Birthday to a cutie!

-24 servings


This cake was so much fun.  The bride wanted to incorporate the pink and green all over the cake so the swirls and dots got switched on the top and bottom tiers.  I love how it turned it out!  The groom's cake was just as fun.  The basketball is all cake with the bride and groom on top.  Congrats to a super cute couple!

-12 servings - wedding top
-12 servings - groom's cake


Love how this cake turned out and how well it matched the colors at the reception.  Sally McKinley did the decorating, UNBELIEVABLE!  She is beyond amazing. :)  So much fun.  Good luck to the cute couple!

-8 servings


Simpe and so sofisticated.  The bride and groom teamed up on every part of this cake.  I hope they were both pleased with the results.  Congrats to you both!!!

-84 servings


This was a last minute order for a 4th of July birthday girl.  She loves to dance so we tried to incorporate it all.  Happy Birthday!!

-20 servings


I am going to count this cake as my first INTERNATIONAL order. :)  It came from a fiance in China for her soon to be hubby on his birthday.  I just about cried when I heard parts of their story.  Super cute couple!  Up has a lot of personal meaning to them.  I hope his birthday was the best!  Good luck to you both!

-12 servings


This cake was finished on location in UT so I don't have complete pictures.  The daisy was mine just to take pictures with, the finished product had lillies and feathers instead.  If I get pictures I'll post them for sure.  Love combining different mediums to finish a cake off.  Congrats to the newly weds!!

-24 servings


This cake matches it's bride completely.  She is one of the most beautiful girls ever, but so simple and classy.  It was a low key but very fun cake to do.  So happy for the new couple!!

-30 servings


I am so bummed that the colors didn't show up more on this cake.  It was GORGEOUS!  The dark purple was my favorite!  There are also fondant flowers with orange and green centers on the tiers.  Congrats to a super cute couple!!!

-24 servings

Louis Vuitton

This was a 45 minute cake for an Aunt of mine who surprised us by we hurried and surprised her back.  The best thing about it was most of the actual cake was decorated by my 6 year old daughter.  She was amazing and made the bow all by herself.  So this is a kudos to my Lexi who is going to be the best helper a cake decorating Mom could ask for!  Love you Lexi and Happy Late Birthday Nettie!

-12 servings