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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Graduation Cake - Blackfoot

Here's another graduation cake! This was for a Blackfoot graduate, and my cousin, so I made it extra special! :o) We put little fondant figures at the bottom corner to represent some of the things he had done in his high school years. Congratulations!

-25 servings

Monday, May 25, 2009


This bride chose a lime hydrangea green, black, and white for her wedding colors. She wanted a simple cake so we did a white fondant with black ribbon at the base. Then we covered in the cake in over 200 fondant flowers that matched her green. I hope it turned out just how she wanted! Thanks and congrats!

-24 servings

Farm Birthday

This was SO much fun to do! I am loving fondant figures!! This cake was chosen by the birthday boy's sister. There was a main cake for the guests and a smash cake for little Jake. Hope it was great! Thanks for indulging me!

-32 servings main cake
-8 servings smash cake - included with no charge

Graduation Cake - Rigby

Oh the memories! This was done for a Rigby High School graduate. Maroon and gold were used to tie in the school colors. I had a ton of fun doing this cake. The memories came flooding back... Congratulations and good luck!

-25 servings

Monday, May 11, 2009

Princess Crown

For another sweet little princess... She chose the colors and design, and was so cute when I delivered it! The wand and crown were both made of fondant, along with the stars. This was a fun cake, thanks for asking me!! Hope the party was great!

- 20 servings

Baked Potato

I live in it was only a matter of time! :o) I had a lot of fun with this cake. It was for a potato farmer's birthday, designed by his daughter. It ended up being about a foot long and 9 inches high! That's a big potato!

- 40 servings


As large as life....a rifle cake! This was for a very down home country boy's birthday. It was the funnest thing to show up to a room full of grade school boys with a gun cake. They were all amazed. It was a fun moment! Happy birthday cowboy!

- 30 servings


Here's another super hero-ish cake. For any Transformer fans out there, it is Bumblebee. I had a lot of fun with this cake. I hope the party was great!

- 35 servings