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Monday, September 12, 2011

9-11 Memorial

I feel so very honored to have been asked to do this cake!  I am so happy with how it turned out, and even more happy that I talked the pipe brigade to get in behind the cake!  Such a neat picture!  You may notice that there are two skylines, I thought it might be appropriate to show a skyline with and without the Twin Towers.  I was just so pleased with how all the details turned out.  There aren't words to describe the feelings that come from the memory of that day.  Thank you will never be enough to all the firemen/women, police officers, and service men/women that have sacrificed so much for our country!  So proud to be an American!  May we never forget!

-38 servings

Welcome Home Elder

I've seen these done before, and wanted to try one....turned out ok I think.  The Book of Mormon is also cake...all edible.  Welcome home Elder!! :)

-30 servings


Simple and elegant.  Love the damask patterns the brides are choosing.  I am such a fan of how clean it looks in the end.  Congrats to a super cute couple!!

-12 servings


Roping, camping, out doors, this birthday boy loves it all.  Happy Birthday!!

-20 servings

San Francisco

 A fun part of cake design is doing the homework and finding inspiration for cakes. I loved this cake, and wished I would have had time to put a little more detail into it. Happy Birthday to a busy but very loved lady!

-12 servings


Ask any of my Mom loves pink.  So I threw a little black in with it and vv-walla... :)  She deserves a 13 tier cake and much more detail.  I hope she knows how much she's loved!  Happy Birthday!

-20 servings

80th Birthday

This was done for a lady turning 80, who is very loved. 
The different parts of her life are portrayed in fondant figures all over the cake.
Most of all, her family always came first!

 She loved to, there, everywhere...

 She was a school teacher for many years.
She loved to read, so I thought it would be fun to put all of her "titles" on books.
 Her favorite season is fall.
Happy 80th Birthday!! :)

-38 servings

Button Girl!

This was made for my little sister, who spent almost two hours with me looking for buttons at Porter's one day.  Bless her heart! :)  So when I found a button mold you better believe I was going to use it for her.  I hope your birthday was great Shanz!

-20 servings


Lots and lots of fun designs lately.  I loved this one.  Love the colors and how the zebra turned out.  I hope the birthday girl liked it as well!

-25 servings


This cake is actually missing the top tier in this photo.  It was done for a family member and the top was transported later....and of course I forgot my camera!  But no matter the tiers, this cake turned out so fun, bright, and cheery, just like the bride!  I had a lot of fun trying new things out on this one too.  So happy for the newlyweds!!  We love you!

-20 servings


This was so much fun to do.  The bride wanted to incorporate the wheat from her bouquet and decorations on the cake.  It turned out so simple, but so beautiful I thought.  Love it!  Congrats to the newly weds!!

-12 servings