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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Here is another of the quilling patterns.  This one was ivory on ivory though.  Again I just love the texture!

-110 servings


These cakes have been kindly named the chevron cakes.  This pattern is beginning to be very popular, but I was surprised to see it in cake too.  Very happy with the result though!

-250 servings

Messy Buttercream

I don't usually do buttercream cakes, but thought it would be fun to try out the messy look.  Love how it turned out. :)  Best of luck to the newly weds!

-15 servings


This reception had a circus like theme, so what better to tie it in than a super funky, cute cake?  I am so happy with how this turned out.  Congrats to the new couple!
-12 servings


This sweet little girl just celebrated a cancer free anniversary.  I am so humbled...I hope her life is as great as she is!

-20 servings


The bride that belongs to this cake is just far the happiest bride I've ever worked with.  Just love her!  Best of luck to the newly weds!

-12 servings


I was so sad I didn't get a picture before I set this in the shade/sun....I love how this one turned out.  Congrats to the newly weds!

-16 servings


Happy 1st Birthday Sway!!

-20 servings + smash


These two cakes were done for BYUI graduates.  Around each cake are hand painted memories from their college experience.  I had tons of fun with this one...I love painting!

-12 servings each


This one was fun to try new techniques on.  The scrolls and middle white pattern are all rolled fondant.  I love how it turned out!  Congrats to the newly weds!

-20 servings

Belly Cake

This cake was for the same client as before, but she chose to do a handprint instead this time.  I think these are so fun.

-30 servings


Ivory and white are such elegant colors together!  You can't tell from the picture very well but there is a tone difference in the fondant.  Just love simple and elegant!
-8 servings


This birthday girl just got home from Disney, so naturally we needed some princess touches. :)  I did the same little girl dressed up as her favorites from her trip.  She was darling, hope she had a great day!
-16 servings


This is a technique called quilling.  I am a huge much texture!!  Congrats to the newly weds and best of luck!
-20 servings


Happy Birthday T!!  Hope your fall was as fun as summer!!
-20 servings

4th of July

So much fun trying new things!!  Happy 4th of July all, and thank you to those who have and still make it possible for us to be free!!

-20 servings


Happy Birthday to a huge Madison fan, as well as a lover of music.  Hope your day was great!

-24 servings


This one was delivered early so I didn't get a super good picture of it...but love how it turned out. :)  Hope the day was wonderful, congrats to the newly weds!!

-12 servings


Happy Birthday B!!  Hope it was wonderful!
-20 servings



 This cake traveled more than any other I've done!  But we made it!  Other than the heat, it was wonderful, even the rice krispie toppers turned out well!  Best of luck to the bride and groom!!

-136 servings

Buffalo Bills

This was a cake done for a huge Bills fan...who happened to be visiting the area during his birthday.  Hope it was great!!

-20 servings



This one belongs to my daughter...who did most of the work herself!!  She made the elephant, gorilla, frog, and turtle with NO help!!  She's getting pretty darn talented!  She also did the water fall.  Fun memories together. :)  Happy Birthday Lexi Loo..

-25 servings

We're Getting "Moo"ried!

This was a last minute last minute I never even got the bride's name.  I am so sorry...but so happy to have been able to help you out!  Congrats!!

-20 servings


This one is so simple and fun I think.  What a cute couple it belongs to!  Best of luck to you both!!

-8 servings

Mommy to Be

I've seen these done before and thought they were so cute...and to add the foot just was over the top.  Congrats to the new Mommy!

-30 servings


This little girl just happened to be on vacation here for her I got the luck of helping out with a cake. :)  I hope she loved it and had a wonderful visit.
-8 servings