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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This cake was designed from a "lace" cake that was found online. The bride wanted to use a butter yellow background and place the flowers on top of it to make them stand out a little more. The flowers and leaves are all cut from fondant and bordered with royal icing. I hope she loved it as much as I did when it was done. Congratulations to a very wonderful couple, I hope the groom knows how lucky he is! :)

-20 servings


I can't believe that this birthday girl is acutally 18 this year!! She is a wonderful friend and I hope her day was an great as she is! Happy Birthday!
-20 servings)


I had a fun time trying new things with this cake. I love how it turned out! This was a cake for a very good friend of ours who is always there when we need her! I hope this was a fun surprise on her birthday! We love ya tons!
-20 servings

Mother's Day

This cake was ordered by a husband for his wife on Mother's Day. She is from California and loves to shop so we tried to incorporate all those details into the cake. The trees are made out of rice krispie treats and fondant, the flip flops are also fondant. Fun cake! Happy Mother's Day to a very deserving Mom!
-10 servings

Baby Girl Shower

Spring colors are in, mostly because we are not getting that wonderful spring feeling yet. :) But those colors were used on this baby shower cake for a little girl. We added a bow on top and some baby fondant figures as embellishments. Congrats to the Mom to be!
-20 servings.


There was a specific order for a cool dragon cake....which made me a little nervous. :) But I hope the birthday boy was satisfied with the design. The peaks of the moutain scape were done in rice kripsie's, the rocks are fondant. It was a fun design to try.
-20 servings


Fuscia seems to be very popular color this wedding season. The swirls on this cake were that fuscia color along with the ribbon layered on black ribbon. Very simple, but still elegant. I hope the day was great! Congrats to a wonderful couple!
-20 servings


Little girls always dream about being a ballerina don't they? This birthday girl loves ballet so her Mom decided to put ballet shoes on top of her cake. The rest was just decorated cute and girly. I hope the day was wonderful, thanks for asking me!
-20 servings


Here is the "awful" cake. :) It went along with the 50th cake posted below and was delivered to the birthday girl's work place. It was fun to try another coffin, and to add a few more details. Hope you are feeling as old as you are! ;)

-50 servings


This is another elegant 50th cake. Of course we had to use black and white, but it made it a little less awful. :) Happy Birthday to a very OLD person! :) Love ya!

-38 servings


I LOVE this cake! I was a little nervous to start it, but am so happy with how it turned out! The bride sent some images of the painting she wanted done on it so I went from those. The painting was done by hand using luster dust. This cake is all cake, no foam, which I haven't done for awhile. It was a fun challenge! Congratulations to the newly weds!
-95 servings


I guess Naturo is a huge thing right now...I feel a little out of the loop. :) But this cake was designed for a big Naturo fan. They didn't need to feed too many so we went with a simple design, using his favorite character (made from fondant), rice krispie shrubs, and fonant rocks. Happy Birthday to a wonderful neighbor!!
-15 servings


This birthday girl loves Fox anything....and wanted to incorporate that into her birthday cake. We put the logo on there with lighter versions of the racing gear colors. I hope she loved how it turned out. It is fun to try new things!! Happy Birthday!

-20 servings

Wedding Topper

For this wedding reception, the bride and groom asked that family and friends each bring a small cake for their guests to sample. So I was able to do a small 8 inch cake for the event. The design was really simple and incorporated their colors. I hope your day turned out wonderful!
-20 servings


This picture again, did not turn out very well. This was a cake done for a simple family birthday. The birthday girl loves flowers so we did a lot of fun spring colored flowers. I hope the day went wonderfully!
-18 servings


Here is another version of the monster theme. This was done for a little guy turning a year old. The mosters and other additions are all made from fondant. I hope he had a great day! Thanks!

-20 servings + smash cake


This cake was designed for someone who takes a lot of pride in taking care of his truck. The wording on the truck, along with the two smoke stacks were added so it would look as much like his truck as possible. Hope your birthday was great!

-15 servings

Whitney 2

This was another cake done for the same bride, Whitney. The couple had two receptions and I was fortunate enough to make both their cakes. The chose a different size for the tiers, but the same design. Congrats again!

-40 servings


The colors on this cake were so gorgeous, and of course my camera did not pick them up! The ribbons were a deep plum color with a thin cream ribbon at the base. The swirls on the cake were painted in champagne. It turned out to be very elegant, and the reception was beautiful to say the least! Congratulations to a very cute couple!

-110 servings


This birthday girl loves monkey's. Her Mom designed a cake that was girly and cute, but also incorporated her favorite things. Happy Birthday Ella!
-20 servings